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Creating Sexually Healthy Boys of All Ages and Talking To Your Son About Sex

If there is one thing that has been in the news lately, it is boys and sex. 

The focus has been on violence and men behaving badly, right? Well, as a parent how do you combat that? How do you teach your own son to do better?  It starts by talking about sex and that conversation needs to happen earlier than you would expect.

Today we are talking to Kori Wilford, a public health educator with the Larimer County Department of Health on how to raise sexually healthy boys and how to initiate that conversation early and often.

From the definition of sexual health, to today’s research, to what to teach at all ages, this episode is not only fascinating but filled with great information and practical tips on how to tackle this conversation no matter how old your child is.

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Sleep Apnea, Tonsillectomies, and My Biggest Regret

Raising kids is full of ups and downs and there are definitely things that I wish I could have done differently along the way.  If I could, for example, I would have changed the way I handled video games at an earlier age.  But even though I have some regrets about that, it’s nothing I couldn’t change now if I wanted to.  There is one thing, though, that I didn’t handle well and now that it is done, I cannot undo the consequences. 

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