Transitioning to Middle School

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Transitioning to Middle School

Chatting with my friend Erin Dirvonas about transitioning to middle school. Since I have two kiddos making transitions this I have been thinking a lot about them.  Today I am chatting with my friend Erin about middle school and making the change easiest on everyone.

Show Notes


  • The sixth-grade experience (5:50)
  • Similarities to Elementary? (6:44)
  • Teacher Communication (7:54)
  • Developing Independence (10:07)
  • Lunch Questions (13:14)
  • Dealing with the locker (14:24)
  • Time Management (15:45)
  • Learning to speak for yourself (17:25)
  • Picking an instrument (19:36)
  • All the girls (22:50)
  • Changing throughout the year/ grades (25:20)
  • What to prepare for ahead of time (29:22)
  • Learning to contemplate and expand ideas (31:14)
  • Devices and social media (33:41)
  • Parenting through middle school (36:14)

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