Transitioning to Elementary School

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Transitioning to Elementary School

Chatting with my friend Sydney Smith about transitioning to kindergarten. I’ve been thinking a lot about getting my own son ready for kindergarten and moving to such a big building.  We discuss academics, independence skills and tips to make the transition easier.


Show Notes


  • Our current favorite things (1:23)
  • Getting to know this week’s guest (3:30)
  • Thought on becoming a mother later in life (4:29)
  • Kindergarten overview (5:58)
  • Waiting a year (8:22)
  • What you need to know about academics (10:14)
  • Zippers, buttons and pants, oh my! (19:04)
  • The joys of new kids and peer pressure begins (24:54)
  • Carpool Etiquette (29:05)
  • Thinking about Lunch (30:58)

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