Teaching Children of All Ages About Consent

In honor of Sexual Assault Prevention Month, today we are talking about teaching your children about consent.  The idea of consent has been coming up a lot in the media lately, so much so that now it can be added to the list of things that SHOULD be talked about with your children. What I love about this conversation is that it really highlights how consent education not only develops an understanding of the what consents is and how to ask, but also helps to create your child’s own body autonomy and better self-awareness.

Today’s Expert

The Sexual Assault Victim Advocate (SAVA) Center’s mission is to provide crisis intervention, advocacy and counseling for all those affected by sexual violence, and to provide prevention programs through community outreach and education. We envision a culture change that results in the end of sexual violence. SAVA Center provides a 24/hr hotline at 970.472.4200, and both walk-in and by-appointment advocacy from 8:30 am-5:00 pm Monday-Friday at our Fort Collins and Greeley offices.


  • How a Perpetrator is Created (3:50)
  • Approaching Consent with Kids (10:47)
  • Talking About Consent at Every Age (17:18)
  • Body Autonomy (20:46)
  • Normal Development and Red Flags (25:33)
  • Media’s Influence (32:31)
  • What Kids See vs. Reality (39:35)
  • Programs SAVA Teaches (44:18)
  • Community Involvement (46:12)
  • Resources (48:30)

Show Notes and Links

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