Sleep Apnea, Tonsillectomies, and My Biggest Regret

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If I could go back in time: Sleep Apnea and Tonsillectomies

Raising kids is full of ups and downs and there are definitely things I wish I could have done differently along the way.  If I could, for example, I would have changed the way I handled video games at an earlier age.  But even though I have some regrets about that, it’s nothing I couldn’t change now if I wanted to.  There is one thing, though, I didn’t handle well and now that it is done, I cannot undo the consequences.

My middle son, most likely had undiagnosed sleep apnea for 4 years.  I noticed the first symptoms at 1 year of age and his tonsils and adenoids were removed at 5.  In between, he was chronically unrested which led to behavior issues and academic delays that I believe still haunt us to this day.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do about his journey. But, with my youngest just being ordered a sleep apnea test, I thought I would tell our story so others may avoid all the difficulties we had.

Show Notes

Articles on Sleep Apnea

Tonsillectomy Book


  • My One Regret (0:38)
  • I’m Not a Doctor (3:58)
  • What is Sleep Apnea? (4:34)
  • Causes of Sleep Apnea (6:06)
  • My Child Snores (6:58)
  • ENT Visit (10:10)
  • Symptoms of Sleep Apnea (10:44)
  • How to Get Diagnosed (15:54)
  • Treatment (18:32)
  • Tonsillectomy Tips (19:30)


  1. Valerie Hogan on October 29, 2018 at 8:14 pm

    I would like a copy of your article about sleep apnea affecting ADHD so I can discuss it with my son’s dr.

    • Jessica Crow on October 30, 2018 at 4:33 pm

      I don’t specifically talk about that correlation on this episode, but I have personal experience with Sleep Apnea causing behavior problems and can absolutely see how it would create ADHD like symptoms. Here’s an article I found that might be helpful,

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