Raising High School Boys

Raising High School Boys

In the last of our series on transitioning to schools, today I am chatting with Alexis Karasek, a mom whose son just graduated high school.  In our other transitioning episodes, we focused on making a one-grade leap.  Since high school spans a lot of change maturity wise, today we are talking about your child from 9th-12th.



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Show Notes



  • Why talk about high school as a whole instead of just 9th? (3:44)
  • First two/ last two years of high school (4:47)
  • Learning to Drive (8:59)
  • Looking Back with Perspective (11:40)
  • Bad Decisions (13:52)
  • Letting your son find himself (17:33)
  • Personality vs. Parenting (21:59)
  • Don’t save him (25:40)
  • Fail and Figure it out (26:51)

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