Raising Boys in the Era of #MeToo

While planning content with SAVA for our consent series, the topic of boys in the era of #metoo came up.  I had seen some posts on social media raising concern for boys today and they had me wondering.  Is it harder to be a boy today? What effect does the #metoo movement have on men? And on parents raising boys? Today I am chatting with Brett Naylor of the SAVA center on what it means to be a man today.


  • What the #metoo movement is (2:50)
  • Its significance (5:25)
  • What does #metoo mean to men (7:26)
  • Is it more dangerous to be a man today? (10:15)
  • Fake accusations (11:58)
  • Parenting Boys (17:50)
  • Men Too (20:07)
  • Terry Crews (25:13)
  • Fathers (30:59)
  • Supporting Survivors (33:26)
  • Resources (38:50)

Show Notes and Links

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