Identifying, Diagnosing and Living with Dyslexia

“Dyslexia robs a person of time; accommodations return it.” –Dr. Sally Shaywitz


Learning to Read is hard enough as it is, right? But what if your child also has a language processing disorder? And how would you know?


Today I am talking with Lindsay Terry-Lloyd founder of the non-profit Klimb Consulting ( a bay-area based company dedicated to helping parents navigate a dyslexia diagnosis. In this episode, Lindsay shares her own family’s story as well as tips on identifying dyslexia and living with dyslexia while maintain your child’s confidence.

Things I never knew until this interview:

  • 20 percent of the population is dyslexic
  • A Dyslexia diagnosis can range from mild to severe
  • While dyslexics do struggle with reading, dyslexia comes with identifiable positive attributes such as extraordinary building and/or drawing talents

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  • 3 Children with Dyslexia (4:48)
  • Hereditary Component (7:11)
  • Getting Through a Diagnosis (8:42)
  • Enough Information? (11:39)
  • Prevalence of Dyslexia (14:10)
  • Early Signs of Dyslexia (16:08)
  • Positive Attributes of Dyslexia and Famous Dyslexics (19:05)
  • Types of Interventions (20:53)
  • Seeking a Diagnosis (23:05)
  • Accommodations at School (25:33)
  • Importance of Early Diagnosis (28:24)
  • After Diagnosis, What’s Next? (30:50)
  • Naming Dyslexia (34:25)
  • Dealing with the Additional Stress and Maintaining Confidence (37:30)
  • How Parents Can Help Support Students (40:40)
  • Finding Help (42:10)
  • Support Reading Growth at Home (44:22)

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