Holiday Gifts for Boys

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Holiday Gifts for Boys 6-12

What on Earth do you get a 12-year-old boy for XMAS?!

This is what I typed into my search bar this weekend. He just had a birthday and he couldn’t even tell me what he wanted for that, now XMAS? In a way, I am glad. He understands that he already has what he needs and seems to appreciate those things. That’s awesome. But I still need to find at least something to put under the tree, right?

With that in mind, I opened my computer and combed through multiple articles on “What to get your 12-year-old boy”. Did you know those articles existed? If you haven’t already searched the same thing, let me tell you there are hundreds of them! But here is what I found on my own search, none of them are very good. The links that I clicked came up near the top of my search and what I noticed is that none of them seemed to written by actual parents of boys!!!!

I want Christmas morning to be special, and I want the interest in those gifts to last longer than those few hours. Despite how quickly my kids rip through the packages, I actually put a lot of thought into what I buy and use those gifts to (when I can) spark new interest or new hobbies. My answer? Another one of those lists!!!

There is no way my list will appear anywhere close to the top of a similar google search, but this is a list of what my boys are actually getting this year (shhh, don’t tell) and tried and true favorite gifts from over the years. Real gifts with real thoughts on them.


This is a tradition of ours. Every year, each one of my children gets a new game. I love that we have something that we get to sit around and learn together and that gets to be brought out again and again as part of our time together. Here is what will be under the tree this year plus a few favorites from the part.

For the !2-year-old – Catan
For the 10-Year-Old- Double Shut the Box
For the 6-Year-Old – Honeycombs

Past favorites

For 8+ – Farkle 
For 8+ – Sushi Go
For 6+ – Labyrinth
Preschool – Feed the Woozle


Given that my middle son has always loved Legos, I usually include a building toy. I have started moving away from Lego sets as my builder tends to build them once and then break them down to be used to rebuild something from his imagination. That means we have a lot of Legos!!!! If there was a particular set I would probably give one, but this year I thought we would up our building game by trying something new.

For the 10-year-old – LittleBits
For everyone (over 3) – PlusPlus

Past Favorites

For 3+ – Magnetic Blocks
For 5+ – Straws and Connectors


Whether indoor or outdoor, I love gifts that get my kids moving. This year my oldest is getting the most active toys and I am trying to inspire him to spend less time in front of his screen. Since he is my soccer player, he is going to find an app enabled ball under the tree this year as well as a ring toss game perfect for when he has friend hanging in is room, but light enough to be moved outside. My youngest is getting a bigger scooter as his hand me down Razor has seen better days and also seems a lot less sturdy compared to his big bothers’ trick scooters.

For the 12-year-old

Ring Toss

For the 6 year old


Past Favorites

All Ages – Trampoline
4+ – EzyRoller


I have a love hate relationship with technology, and in an effort to pull my boys off of screens, am not giving much this year. We are, however, headed on a trip this winter and I know that my youngest is going to need some occupying so I am giving in. He is getting a 2DS this year and I chose it because it can play full length games without an internet connection which will be worth gold while traveling. My oldest is getting a subscription to FlowKey, a piano teacher app. He got a hand-me-down keyboard and has been interested in learning to play and it seems like the app may be a great fit as it may feel more game like than actual lessons.

For the 6-year-old


For the 12-year-old


Past Favorites

For 10+ – Gold Pass
For 9+ – Ipod Touch


Along with games, I always give books. This year I am trying to capitalize on my fourth grader’s new found love of reading (Woot!) by searching for a series that will be as captivating a Diary of a Wimpy Kid. My plan, with both my oldest actually, is to pick out a few potential new series and wrap up book 1. The six-year-old is getting another book in an already favorite series and a few look and find books.

For the 6-year-old

Elephant and Piggie

For the 10 Year Old

Big Nate
Spy School 
The Warriors

For the 12 year old

I am Number Four
The Enemy

Past Favorites

For 4+ – Darth Vader 
For 8+ – Diary of a Wimpy Kid
For 8+ – Calvin and Hobbes 

That’s what is going to be under our tree this year. What are you giving? What are your favorites from years past?

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