Growth and Development of Boys with Pediatrician Roy Benaroch

Last Fall, at my oldest son’s 11 year checkup, the pediatrician mentioned the onset of puberty. Sounds silly, but I hadn’t really thought about it before and I certainly didn’t know about the changes my son was about to go through.  (If you need a great puberty resource, check out the book I bought for my son and I here.)

Want to know more about your own son’s development?  Today I am interviewing Dr. Roy Benaroch and we are chatting about the development of boys from newborn baby through to puberty with parenting tips for each stage of growth.


Show Notes


Time Stamps

  • Roy’s number one parenting tip (1:38)
  • Parenting Babies (7:19)
  • How parents treat boys and girls differently (8:38)
  • Toddlers are little scientists (13:37)
  • Developing Independence in Preschoolers (15:44)
  • School age boys (18:32)
  • Early Sexual Development (23:59)
  • Understanding Physical and Emotional Development during Puberty (27:13)
  • Sexual Development in older boys (35:37)
  • When to call your pediatrician (38:24)

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