Farm School and Inspiring Boys to Get Outside

Laughing Buck Farm

Today I am chatting with Rosemary Graff owner of Laughing Buck Farm in Fort Collins. Five or so years ago, a friend introduced me to this little gem in Northern Fort Collins and my children have been going there in some capacity ever since. Laughing Buck Farm is home to a farm preschool, home-school classes, summer camps and more.

I am so grateful for the time my youngest spent at farm preschool. He started when he was just three and was lucky enough to attend for three years before transitioning to kindergarten. During that time, he fed the animals, worked in the garden, rode horses, climbed hay bales and explored. He worked in the rain, in the heat of the early school year and even showed up all bundled with a thermos of hot chocolate when it was 20 degrees.

And do you know what? He is more resilient for it.

Today we are discussing farm life, the reality of chores how you can (or cannot) build work ethic and growing boys who love to be outside.

Live in Fort Collins? Check out the programming available at Laughing Buck Farm


• Growing up on a Farm (5:30)
• Deciding to Buy Acreage (7:08)
• Raising Kids on a Farm (10:28)
• Work Ethic? (11:58)
• Growing Responsibility with animals (15:29)
• Creating a Farm School (17:26)
• Daily Life (20:46)
• Understanding the Circle of Life (25:09)
• Outside Year Round (29:00)
• Allowing Kids to Take Risks (35:00)
• Getting Kids Outside (39:54)

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