Boys Beyond the Ball- Boys in Theater with Jason Peck

“To Thine Own Self Be True”  -William Shakespeare

In our first Boys Beyond the Ball episode, I am talking to Jason Peck director of theater at St. Luke’s School as well as the founder and co-artistic director of Thrown Stone Theater Company.  We are chatting about what it is like participating in theater growing up and the positive impact that it can have on kids today. We discuss everything from what goes into a production, the myriad of skills that theater can develop (hello, empathy!), specific challenges boys face and how theater can help boys overcome those challenges.

Show Notes and Links



  • Getting Started (6:50)
  • What being in theater looks like (9:41)
  • Positive Effects on Boyhood (13:31)
  • Components of a Production (16:00)
  • Backstage Opportunities (19:05)
  • Skill Building (20:50)
  • Participating in Theater Today (27:46)
  • Challenges Boys Face Today (31:36)
  • Working with Boys in Theater (33:47)
  • Theater Helping Boys (36:21)
  • Tips for Parents on getting your son involved in theater (38:12)

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