Boys and Speech: Supporting Speech Development and Identifying a Delay


I’ve been thinking about boys and speech. Maybe it’s because my nephew is in speech therapy, maybe it’s because my friend’s son is too or maybe it’s because I have concerns about my own 6-year-old.

Do boys talk later than girls? What can I do as a parent to support speech development? And where do I start if I’m concerned?

Today I am chatting with Sarah Armstrong a Speech and Language pathologist with over 22 years of experience.  We are talking about the role of a Speech and Language pathologist, understanding speech development, boys and speech, identifying a delay and supporting speech growth.


Recommended Resources:


  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (2:00)
  • What is a Speech Language Pathologist? (7:50)
  • Speech vs. Language (10:35)
  • Stages of Development (13:23)
  • Do boys talk later? (17:05)
  • Identifying a Delay (21:37)
  • Where to get a diagnosis (25:50)
  • The importance of Early Intervention (28:08)
  • Speech Delay and its relation to other learning delays (29:48)
  • How to catch up (32:40)
  • What to look for in a good therapist (36:03)
  • Speech and older kids (40:33)
  • School Therapy vs. Private (42:50)
  • Supporting Speech Development in all children (45:08)
  • Things Parents Should or Shouldn’t do (50:03)
  • Resources (57:30)

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