Coming out and Supporting Your Son’s Sexuality

When does a child who is gay start to realize that?  And what does coming out look like from both that boy’s perspective and his parents? Today we are chatting with my friend Leslie Lubell and her son Eli about one story from two perspectives.   From bullies, to bravery, today’s episode will shed light on what it feels like to realize you are homosexual and how best to support your child through those early days.


  • Coming Out as a Child (4:23)
  • At Home vs. At school (9:20)
  • Advice for other’s in the same position (12:12)
  • Coping with Bullies (17:04)
  • Coming Out as a Parent (19:10)
  • How did you know so young? (38:57)
  • Advice for parents who are struggling (41:22)

Show Notes and Links

  • To contribute to Eli’s athletic fundraising efforts, click here.
  • For more information about supporting your child, visit PFLAG
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