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Teaching Children of All Ages About Consent

In honor of Sexual Assault Prevention Month, today we are talking about teaching your children about consent.  The idea of consent has been coming up a lot in the media lately, so much so that now it can be added to the list of things that SHOULD be talked about with your children. What I love about this conversation is that it really highlights how consent education not only develops an understanding of the what consents is and how to ask, but also helps to create your child’s own body autonomy and better self-awareness.

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Understanding Harassment, Assault and Consent

You cannot raise boys today without being cognizant of what that means in our current society. Recent events such as the #metoo movement and the Kavanaugh hearings have placed the topic of consent on the forefront of my mind as a mom of boys.  Not only does it mean that as a parent I need to be responsible for teaching about consent to my children, but it also means that I need to be more informed as well. Today I am chatting with Hannah Butler of the SAVA Center and we are defining assault, harassment, and consent as well as discussing how society sets up an environment in which these exist.  It’s a topic that you might think you understand, but it is also an ever-changing landscape and something to consider discussing regularly with your child so that you both understand the ramifications of all types of behavior.

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Coming out and Supporting Your Son’s Sexuality

When does a child who is gay start to realize that?  And what does coming out look like from both that boy’s perspective and his parents? Today we are chatting with my friend Leslie Lubell and her son Eli about one story from two perspectives.   From bullies, to bravery, today’s episode will shed light on what it feels like to realize you are homosexual and how best to support your child through those early days.

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Talking To and Teaching Boys About Money

Today we are talking about what it means to be financially literate and the skills you should possess as well as how to talk to your kids about money. I also let you in the big debate on how to handle getting money to your kids and what we are doing at our house.

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Boys Beyond the Ball- Boys in Theater with Jason Peck

In our first Boys Beyond the Ball episode, I am talking to Jason Peck director of theater at St. Luke’s School as well as the founder and co-artistic director of Thrown Stone Theater Company.  We are chatting about what it is like participating in theater growing up and the positive impact that it can have on kids today

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Identifying, Diagnosing and Living with Dyslexia

Learning to Read is hard enough as it is, right? But what if your child also has a language processing disorder? And how would you know?

Today I am talking with Lindsay Terry-Lloyd founder of the non-profit Klimb Consulting ( a bay-area based company dedicated to helping parents navigate a dyslexia diagnosis. In this episode, Lindsay shares her own family’s story as well as tips on identifying dyslexia and living with dyslexia while maintain your child’s confidence.

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Connecting With Your Child and Supporting Emotional Development

Happy New Year!!! My resolution this year is to continue to be there for my boys in a greater way than just checking in on homework assignments daily.  And today we are talking about just that.

I met my guest, Amber Olsen, through Facebook several months ago.  Amber, is the founder of The Kaleidoscope Project, which is an organization helping to support the emotional development of girls.  As I learned more about what she is doing, it became more and more apparent that the same issue is not only relevant but essential for boys and that Amber would make an awesome guest.

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Farm School and Inspiring Boys to Get Outside

Today I am chatting with Rosemary Graff owner of Laughing Buck Farm in Fort Collins. Five or so years ago, a friend introduced me to this little gem in Northern Fort Collins and my children have been going there in some capacity ever since. Laughing Buck Farm is home to a farm preschool, home-school classes, summer camps and more.

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Holiday Gifts for Boys

What on Earth do you get a 12-year-old boy for XMAS?!

This is what I typed into my search bar this weekend. He just had a birthday and he couldn’t even tell me what he wanted for that, now XMAS? In a way, I am glad. He understands that he already has what he needs and seems to appreciate those things. That’s awesome. But I still need to find at least something to put under the tree, right?

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Awareness

Today I am chatting with Shana Kagan, founder of Jedi Tedi about her son’s Complex Regional Pain Syndrome diagnosis. Since November is CRPS Awareness Month, I thought I would help shed a little more light on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

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Creating Sexually Healthy Boys of All Ages and Talking To Your Son About Sex

If there is one thing that has been in the news lately, it is boys and sex. 

The focus has been on violence and men behaving badly, right? Well, as a parent how do you combat that? How do you teach your own son to do better?  It starts by talking about sex and that conversation needs to happen earlier than you would expect.

Today we are talking to Kori Wilford, a public health educator with the Larimer County Department of Health on how to raise sexually healthy boys and how to initiate that conversation early and often.

From the definition of sexual health, to today’s research, to what to teach at all ages, this episode is not only fascinating but filled with great information and practical tips on how to tackle this conversation no matter how old your child is.

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