Hi! I’m Jessica.

I’m a mom to three boys, who is trying to figure out how to raise decent humans while staying sane at the same time.

Decent Humans?

I know, right? In addition to all the normal things that we have to worry about as parents, I feel bombarded by today’s headlines.  How does anyone parent boys in the age of rape culture, sexual harassment allegations, and school shootings?    I feel like today’s boys need to handle so much more than generations past and I believe guiding them through these obstacles is my job as a parent.

So why don’t you have it all figured out?

Sometimes I feel like I should.  I have a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and taught in elementary schools for 7 years so I should know how to parent, right? Not necessarily. While I think my education and experience have been of enormous value to me as a parent, and definitely informs my thoughts on what is best for my kiddos, parenting is a different beast.  I am presented with problems I just didn’t have to worry about as a teacher.  Things like health issues, body image concerns, sibling rivalry, mental health concerns, gaming obsessions to mention a few.  I am doing my best to handle these topics and to help my boys, but could I be doing better?

Boys Built Better is born!

This podcast started as the resource I needed to raise my own boys.  I was constantly researching parenting topics but struggled to find the time to sit down and really read the information I was seeking.  At the same time, I was listening to podcasts about other topics while hanging in the carpool line.   Why not combine the two?  Boys Built Better is bringing you experts in all areas of parenting boys, from the normal everyday parenting stuff to big current day issues.  Join me! So we all can live a slightly saner life and do better for our boys, one episode at a time.

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